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Behind the Scenes

How we made a 'live' video demo.

Stereo 3D for a Planetarium

Thoughts on stereographic projection in a dome.

Astronomy: Gateway to Science

A continuing look at Astronomy as a multi-disciplinary subject.

Upcoming Features

A brief look at some upcoming Digitarium planetarium software features.

Three Interdisciplinary Benefits of Astronomy

Astronomy as the perfect “gateway” science.

The Data Console

A Brief introduction to the Digitarium Data Console.

The Importance of Critical Thinking

Covid-19 makes this more important than ever.

Coronavirus Panic-Demic?

How to better calibrate the response to Covid-19.

Unified Architecture

The benefits of simplicity.

Year in Review

A look back at events and trends in 2019.

Terrain Trials

Some of the trials of processing enormous terrain datasets.

Choosing Planetarium Software

Why choose one planetarium software package over another?

Live and Interactive

What is a live, interactive planetarium show anyway?

Will VR Kill the Planetarium?

Is VR a threat or opportunity for the planetarium?

Planetarios de los Muertos

A planetarium has cultural benefits far beyond star stories.

Multicultural Astronomy

Constellations as cultural reflections.

The Forbidden Projector?

What makes the Digitarium Lambda so popular?

Thoughts on Selecting a Planetarium System

Suggestions for approaching a planetarium purchase decision.

Laser Projection Has Arrived

New laser-phosphor illumination offers incredible value.

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