The Forbidden Projector?

2018-04-04 / Rob Spearman / Digitarium Lambda

Digitarium Lambda Plus installation

The Digitarium® Lambda Plus has been one of our most popular models since it launched late last year.

Why the popularity?

The Digitarium Lambda models are even more affordable as an upgrade option for Digitarium Gamma, Epsilon, and Kappa system owners, as some components can be reused.

The Digitarium Lambda models can be configured with either a simple open frame mount or a secure cylindrical enclosure. While the enclosure is secure and a lot more elegant, it does block more sight lines for near seats.

Below are a few photos of a recently completed installation of a Digitarium Lambda Plus with enclosure in a 24 foot (7.3m) dome.

And yes, we did receive a purchase order for a Digitarium Lambada. That really is a forbidden projector. So we will be supplying a Digitarium Lambda instead.

Digitarium Lambda Moon simulation

Digitarium Lambda Saturn simulation

Digitarium Lambda Plus with worklights

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Rob is President and co-founder of Digitalis. He spends his time between product development and management responsibilties.

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