Digitarium systems are designed to be easy to use and maintain, and we include free standard technical support for the life of the system. Standard support is available Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm Pacific time except company holidays.

If you do frequent evening or weekend programs, we have Priority Support programs designed with you in mind. For an annual fee, you can choose to add 24/7 phone support, scripting, and media encoding support, and even an on-site yearly maintenance visit. There are options designed for different budgets and user needs.

Priority Support Benefits:

Features by Service Level

Feature Standard Priority Priority Plus
Regular software and data updates
(fully automated, but at your command)
Exclusive Digitarium Community access
Responses during normal business hours
(7:30 am to 4 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday except holidays).
One hour email turnaround target during normal business hours.  
Emergency 24/7 telephone support.  
Ability to schedule emergency site visits (additional fees apply).  
Scripting or Augmented Lesson support (up to 10 inquiries per year).  
Media encoding support (up to 10 inquiries per year).  
Ten percent discount on accessory shop purchases.  
One free registration per year for a Digitarium regional training.  
Media refresh (additional fulldome movies, clips, scripts, etc.).  

Add-on data set refresh (updates for licensed add-on data sets).  

One annual scheduled on-site maintenance visit.    
System check-up and cleaning.    
Color calibration and warping calibration review (if applicable).    
Multiprojector calibration support (if applicable).  
Supplementary on-site training/question and answer time.    
Digitalis Portable Dome maintenance/minor repairs.    

Pricing Information

Standard Support: Free for the life of your system, regardless of location, in English.

Priority Support levels are available to US and Canadian customers and priced in US dollars.

Priority: Varies by system.

Priority Plus: Varies by system. Annual site visit included.

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