Digitarium systems are designed to be easy to use and maintain, and we include free standard technical support for the life of the system. Standard support is available via email.

For those wanting enhanced support options, we have a selection of premium support services. For an annual subscription, you can choose to add video call or phone support, prioritized response times, extended support hours, scripting and media encoding support, and even an onsite yearly maintenance visit. The following table outlines our premium support plan options.

Features by Service Level

Feature Standard Videoconference Priority Priority Plus
Regular software and data updates
(fully automated, but at your command)
Exclusive Digitarium Community access
Availability Email or web form. Online Zoom call scheduler. Email during business hours.
Extended hours emergency phone.
Email during business hours.
Extended hours emergency phone.
Response Target One business day. Schedule same business day or later. One business hour for email. One business hour for email.
Extended hours emergency telephone support.    
Multiprojector calibration support.    
Scripting or Augmented Lesson support (up to 10 inquiries per year).    
Media encoding support (up to 10 inquiries per year).    
Ten percent discount on accessory shop purchases.    
One free registration per year for a scheduled Digitalis training course.    
Media refresh (additional fulldome movies, clips, scripts, etc.).    

Add-on data set refresh (updates for licensed add-on data sets).    

One annual scheduled onsite maintenance visit. Includes concierge software and data updates, training, and calibration review.      

Pricing Information

Standard Support: Free for the life of your system, regardless of location, in English.

Please contact us if you are interested in Priority Support levels.

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