Thoughts on Selecting a Planetarium System

2018-03-08 / Karrie Berglund / Selecting a Planetarium


As a vendor of digital planetarium systems, we are sometimes asked for advice on selecting a planetarium system. Below are some suggestions I like to share with people.

Things to think about before starting your research:

After making these decisions, it's time to comparison-shop. I recommend starting with a simple web search for vendors. If there are other planetariums in your area, ask for suggested vendors—and for vendors with whom they have had bad experiences.

Questions about vendors/systems under consideration:

Finally, when the time comes to make a decision, make sure that you are keeping your mind open:

Need more information or suggestions? Feel free to contact me: karrie AT

About the Author

Karrie is Director of Education and a co-founder of Digitalis. She spearheads LIPS and is often on the road at conferences. She writes the LIP Service column for the IPS Planetarian professional journal, leads the IPS Vision 2020 Professional Development team, and is an IPS Fellow.

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