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Educational Outreach is a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. You are taking your knowledge on the road to schools, scout troops, senior centers, and more. You have the opportunity to expand the minds of thousands over the course of a year. Yet you often juggle multiple topics, different audience types, and frenetic travel schedules without much time or money to spare. You want to wow your audiences, make a clear educational impact, and leave them wanting to learn even more.

Outreach Challenges

We have years of outreach experience, and from day one have designed our solutions for the challenges you face.


Digitarium portable systems only take 5-10 minutes to set up, and our unmatched ease of use reduces training time.


You will not find a better value for your limited budget than a Digitarium portable system.


Digitarium portable systems are rugged, dependable, and surprisingly compact. You appreciate this even if you only travel to the storage closet.


The flexibility of Digitarium systems allows you to easily adjust to the needs and interests of any audience.


Not only can you adapt to user requests, but the wow factor for kids will be sure to make this an audience favorite.


Included Augmented Lessons cover many learning standards, and a Digitarium is a tool to address whatever others you need.

Outreach Solutions

Outreach Questions

What topics can I teach?

Lessons are included on Astronomy and Earth Sciences, but it is easy to make your own lessons based on whatever time, place, and media you want to show.

How long does it take for one person to set up or tear down?

We recommend getting someone to help you lift the dome and system into or out of a vehicle. The system, dome, and dome blower are all on wheels to facilitate transport. One person can set up or tear down a system and dome in 10 to 15 minutes.

How easy is it to learn to use the software?

Our Augmented Lessons functionality makes it a snap, since each lesson has suggested narration as well as command buttons to run software scripts or display media. We include online training with each purchase, and onsite training and online mentorship are available.

What is the useful life of the system and dome?

You will probably want to upgrade your projection system at least by the 10 year mark, although we have some customers with almost 20 years on their systems. Naturally this will vary based on the level of use and care that the equipment receives.

Do I need to connect to the Internet to run the system?

No! All of the software and data are housed locally on the system. Our web-based Universal Console connects to a WiFi access point within the system, not to an external network.

How can we afford a planetarium system?

In addition to a lease to own program, Digitalis can provide resources to help you find grants and other funding sources. Take a look at our funding guide.

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