Why Choose Digitalis?


We are science education experts and technologists. We develop our own simulation and interface software, and even most of our projection lenses. All of our sales and education staff have taught in planetariums. We understand your needs as a science educator, and we use our own products to present programs to keep this fresh.


We designed our systems from the beginning to be exceptionally easy to use, and they are still unmatched. Simple things are easy, and hard things are still possible. All features can be accessed quickly from anywhere with our hand-held interfaces.

Total Value.

We provide the best value in a planetarium system, and the lowest total cost of ownership. No other systems even come close to matching our unique combination of usability, features, projection quality, and affordability.

Unparalleled Support.

No expensive annual maintenance contract is required for software updates or standard technical support. Imagine always having the most current sofware features and data. We even maintain all your system software for the life of your system.


We have an unmatched commitment to supporting live, interactive programming where you can adapt seamlessly to your audiences needs. We’re the founders and chief agitators of the Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium (LIPS). No planetarium company has a stronger commitment to live, interactive programming than Digitalis.

Global Community.

There are over 800 Digitarium systems around the world, more than any other digital planetarium brand. Our exclusive free Digitalis Community site enables our users to share content and ideas directly with each other.

Please get in touch, we would love to discuss how we can meet your needs.

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