Digitarium® Model Visualizer [What's this?]

1. What is your Dome Geometry?


Diameter must be between 0 and

Height must be between the model height and

Springline is too low; minimum for this model and diameter is

No models are valid for this diameter and springline.
Please click here to refresh and start over.

Springline was too low for this style; current springline value has been raised.

2. Choose a Digitarium Model

is too dim for this dome diameter. Please choose another model.
Model (grayed out if does not fit your dome geometry):

Width x Length:
Pixel Diameter:
Projection Angle:
Lens distance below springline:

3. Choose Mount Style

Model Style:
Model Height:
Adjust model height to find pedestal height
min: max:
Pedestal Height:
The model extends below the floor at this height.

Explore Digitarium model options for your dome in 3D.

  1. Choose your units of measure (feet/meters).
  2. Enter your dome diameter.
  3. Enter your dome springline (floor to dome edge distance).
  4. Select a Digitarium model from the pulldown menu.
  5. Select a model style (system mounting option).
  6. If your model style is adjustable in height, you can adjust the height to see what pedestal height (if any) is needed.
  7. Click and drag on the rendering to change your point of view.
  8. Use a mouse wheel or zoom gesture to change your distance to the projector.

NOTE: Models are greatly simplified representations—see product link next to model style pulldown for actual photos. Projection dome coverage is simulated, but resolution is not. Calculated positions are approximate—please allow room for adjustment at installation.