Digitalis makes it easy for you to experience our products. We don't expect you to base such an important decision on a piece of paper or a website.

We are confident that our Digitarium systems offer the best value on the market, and that makes us happy to demonstrate them. However, you don't have to take our word for the quality of our systems! To see one for yourself, you can:

1. Visit an existing customer.

Contact us to find out what organizations are already using a Digitarium system near you.

2. Schedule an online demo.

Get a better sense of our software features and have your questions answered with a one-on-one video conference.

3. Visit us at a conference or demonstration.

Chances are we will be near you, since we exhibit at many conferences and do many on-site demonstrations each year. Please visit us at the following upcoming events:

4. Visit us in Bremerton, WA (Seattle area).

Set up a time to visit Digitalis' headquarters in Bremerton, Washington, just an hour outside of Seattle by ferry or car. Enjoy a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and "test drive" different Digitarium models in our 6.1m/20 ft diameter fixed dome or 5m/16 ft diameter inflatable dome. Please give us at least a few days' notice of your visit so that we can plan accordingly.

If you purchase a Digitarium system within 12 months of visiting us for a demo, you will receive a $500 discount on your purchase.

5. Have us visit you.

We will travel anywhere within the United States or Canada to show a Digitarium system to you. If you would like a Digitalis staff member to visit you, you can either:

Purchase decision makers MUST be present at on-site demonstrations. Please note that these are demonstrations of product features and are not suitable as shows for the general public. Demonstration times vary in length, but you should budget one to two hours to spend with a Digitalis staff member.

Are you trying to decide between a Digitarium system and one from another company? Consider hosting a side-by-side comparison! Invite Digitalis and a company demonstrating a competing system to your institution, and see them both in action. We're always game for a side-by-side comparison with another vendor, but please check that the other vendor is, too--some may not be.

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