Meet the state of the art.

The Universal Console is the graphical interface for controlling Digitalis digital planetarium systems. It gives presenters intuitive control from anywhere.

Compare to other systems where an untethered interface either does not exist or is an afterthought with limited functionality. With over a decade of development and refinement there is no better interface of its kind.

Media View
Media view showing images from an Earthquakes lesson.
Script View
Script view with a script opened for editing/playing.

General Features

  • Interface is translated for your language.
  • Adjust location and view, including with gamepad-style controls.
  • Find/select celestial objects by name.
  • Change sky cultures and select/unselect individual constellations.
  • Dynamic placement and manipulation (mirror, rotate, scale, etc.) of images or videos against the sky with basic slide show functionality.
  • Play audio tracks.
  • Easy access to scripts, with syntax highlited viewing, playback, testing, and debugging features built in.
  • Show various grids/lines/visualizations.
  • Adjust colors and settings.
  • Augmented Lessons feature makes live presentations so much easier!
  • Basic cove light control for Bowen Technovation and ChromaCove cove lighting sytems.

Professional Edition Features

Professional Edition users get additional capabilities, including:

  • Access Nightshade Professional edition features.
  • Record, edit, and compose StratoScript scripts with auto-completion features.
  • Reorganize/delete/restore your directories and files.
  • Display and manipulate planetary and astronomical datasets in the Data Console.
  • Play one of our exclusive dynamic Soundscapes as a soundtrack to your show for heightened engagement.
Exploring a 3D model in Nightshade Professional
Exploring a 3D model in Nightshade Professional.


Teach untethered.

Using a touchscreen tablet, you get full control of your planetarium system from anywhere in your dome. Move around and make deeper connections with your audiences.

Fly live & interactive.

Digitarium systems are renowned for their ability to be operated live, allowing you to adapt to the needs of your students on the fly. Easily incorporate media and scripts.

Meet Standards.

Use the included Augmented Lessons, or design programs to meet your specific needs. The strong astronomy and Earth science capabilities in a 3D simulation are at your control to make this happen.

Save your neck.

Especially in portable systems, using a touchscreen tablet is much easier on your body than hunching over a laptop. Our intuitive and ergonomic interface keeps common features only one or two taps away.

Easy tech.

Runs in your web browser for easy cross platform use. No apps to install. No Internet connection required. No WiFi router is required for portable systems.


Assisting or co-presenting has never been easier, with synchronized state across all users, including media. Domecasting enables sharing live shows with other domes.

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