Digitarium® Remote Control

Scroll down to see 10 things that make our hand-held remote so amazing.


Imagine having omnipotent control over the sky and landscape around you—all at your fingertips.

Because using a Digitarium remote doesn't intrude on your presentations, audiences often ask in amazement, How are you doing that?

Easy to Use

The Digitarium remote is a back-lit, hand-held, infrared remote control. Simply point the remote up at the dome or toward the receiver when pressing a button.

The backlight button in the lower left corner glows in the dark so you can find it easily when needed.

Want to do something? Just press a button!


The buttons are organized into logical areas, and the icons on each button are easy to understand. If you are ever unsure, it won't break anything to hit it and find out.

While I was rooting through my files, I let my 9 year old daughter try out the remote. She was able to do a lot of different tasks after only 15 minutes!

— Kristy Zehr, York Springs, PA

Simple Things Are Simple

Want to turn on constellation lines, labels, and artwork? Each is toggled with adjacent buttons for immediate access:

Time control is somewhat like a DVD player. Select objects with the cursor control buttons.

These are just examples. Everything you want to do quickly is right here in your hand.

Hard Things Are Possible

You want to introduce a Halloween astronomy show with mythical beasts flying around the dome to spooky music? No problem! You just need to write a simple StratoScript™ script.

Easily use the remote to choose from 100 scripts of your choice, all without the audience seeing any user interface on the dome.

An Extension of Your Mind

After using the remote for a few minutes you will start to remember the locations of the buttons through muscle memory. With practice you won't have to look at it.

Imagine the freedom to focus on your presentation and your audience as you move freely about your dome. No other interface gives you this liberty.

Menu Mode

One button brings up a subtle, one line text menu on the horizon when needed. Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the menu tree and the editing process. Change more advanced settings or play any script on your system.

3.2 Sky Culture: Inca

Media Mode

Use the remote to browse, display, and control your media. Play fulldome shows or supplement your presentation with images, videos, and even audio.

Easily flip through a slideshow and reposition or enlarge media on the dome as needed. You always have full control, right at your fingertips.

Dark Skies

The red backlight does not interfere with your low light vision, and the remote is too dim to cast any kind of visible light on the dome.

User interface components are dome-appropriate and minimal. With planning you can avoid these for the most immersive audience experience. (Or consider our Universal Console interface.)


The Digitarium remote can be used by anyone. It is not limited by culture, language, or computer literacy. It fits in a pocket.

Its rugged dependability has been proven in more than a decade of use. Replacements are inexpensive.


As you can see, the Digitarium remote control is powerful, yet simple. It is a seamless extension of the Digitarium system software.

It is indispensible in both fixed and portable planetariums. It can be your only interface, or a great supplement to our other interface options.

Liberate yourself from a bulky console or computer and connect with your audience.

Amazing. Only from Digitalis.

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