BREMERTON, Wash., April 1, 2014 — Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the Digitarium® Iota, an ultra-compact portable digital planetarium system. Digitalis believes the Iota is the smallest commercially available complete digital planetarium system in the world.

Extremely compact, lightweight, and powerful, the Digitarium Iota makes it easier than ever for one person to transport, set up, and teach with a high resolution portable digital planetarium system.

Teachers in formal and informal education settings will appreciate being able to easily move, store, set up, and use the Iota. The Iota is designed for portable domes up to 6m/20 ft in diameter. Digitalis sells inflatable domes in several diameters for a complete portable solution. The Digitarium Iota, a Digitalis Portable Dome, and dome inflation fan will all easily fit in a subcompact car.

The Iota combines a high resolution, high quality, commercial grade Barco DLP video projector, proprietary Digitalis fisheye lens, and control computer in one compact package. From the time you open the transit case to projecting the sky takes only about two minutes. Never before has a complete system been this small or powerful.

The Digitarium Iota projects a beautiful 1200 pixel diameter circle over a full dome with no blind spots or cutouts. It is the culmination of years of development effort, with Digitalis's own innovative, proprietary lens design.

Like all Digitarium systems, the Iota is not limited to astronomy: Display content on any subject in your immersive theater. Live, scripted, and prerecorded fulldome video shows are all easy to present with Digitarium systems.

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