BREMERTON, Wash., April 27, 2010 – Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce lower prices on four of its five high resolution Digitarium® digital planetarium system models.

Digital planetarium systems project computer-generated, three-dimensional content onto a hemispherical surface. They are most often used for astronomy or earth science education but can display any type of immersive content.

Digitarium systems combine a high resolution DLP projector with a high quality proprietary fisheye lens and a specialized computer control unit. Integrated planetarium and multimedia display software is easily controlled with Digitalis' unique backlit remote control that works from anywhere in the dome.

Digitarium systems are ideal for schools, school districts, colleges, universities, education service agencies, outreach programs, science centers, children's museums, and other portable or small to mid-sized fixed domes. They offer a stimulating environment to help students of all ages grasp abstract astronomy concepts and spark interest in science.

Live, scripted, and prerecorded shows are all simple to present with Digitarium systems. They enable educators to cover standard planetarium show topics and more. For example, educators can simulate the sky from anywhere on Earth or other solar system bodies; show constellations from many cultures; demonstrate phenomena including transits, eclipses, and meteor showers; label or zoom in on any object; etc.

Educators using Digitarium systems can also project images or videos on any subject or play prerecorded, immersive fulldome videos. They can create prerecorded segments or entire shows using the Nightshade® simulator software's powerful StratoScript™ scripting capability. Scripting can alleviate tedious sequences and provide special effects with image manipulation, audio, video playback, and other advanced features.

No other digital planetarium systems come close to matching Digitalis' unique combination of usability, features, projection quality, product support, and affordable pricing. Because of the outstanding value of a Digitarium system, Digitalis is the largest producer by volume in the industry. This volume gives Digitalis greater economies of scale than any of its competitors and has enabled it to reduce prices on most current Digitarium models by about ten percent, effective immediately.

Sarah Knights of the Museum of Flight in Seattle comments, “As a teacher and a major in astronomy, I have seen many planetarium systems. In my experience, the Digitalis system is the best for hands-on teaching. If students have a question or don't quite understand a concept, you have hundreds of demonstrations you can do simply with the click of a few buttons. ... [It] takes the concepts that the students have learned on paper and translates them into real life."

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About Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.: Digitalis was founded in 2003 to create capable and affordable tools for astronomy education. It was the first to launch an easy-to-use, all-digital portable planetarium system. With hundreds of Digitarium systems used around the world, Digitalis is the leading provider of digital planetarium systems for portable and small to medium fixed domes.

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