BREMERTON, Wash., May 7 -- Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. proudly announces a new software platform for the company's market-leading Digitarium(R) line of digital planetarium systems.

Digitarium(R) systems combine a specialized computer control unit, DLP projector, and proprietary fisheye lens to project 3D content onto an immersive hemispherical screen. The control unit's integrated planetarium and multimedia display software is easily operated with Digitalis' unique backlit remote control that works from anywhere in the dome.

Digitarium(R) systems are used for astronomy education by colleges, universities, science centers, schools, school districts, education service agencies, observatories, and -- of course -- planetariums. The systems can be used in either portable or fixed domes.

While Digitarium(R) systems have always been able to display images, videos, and full-dome movies, the new features greatly increase flexibility. For example, this release enables the following:

Digitalis has also added a 1000GB internal hard drive to the Digitarium(R) control computer. This allows users to conveniently store large quantities of images and videos in the system.

The new software platform is in beta testing, scheduled for release Q2, 2009. Systems shipped before March 2009 will require both a hardware and software upgrade; the hardware upgrade will be available at a modest price. Digitalis provides free automated software updates over the Internet for the life of the system.

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Digitalis was founded in 2003 to create capable and affordable tools for astronomy education. With approximately 200 customers around the world, Digitalis is the leading provider of digital planetarium systems for the portable and small- to medium-sized fixed dome market.

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