BREMERTON, Wash., Sept 03, 2008 -- Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. proudly announces the Digitarium(R) Epsilon digital planetarium system, the latest addition to the company's best-selling Digitarium(R) line.

The Digitarium(R) Epsilon combines a high-resolution, high-brightness DLP projector with a high-quality proprietary fisheye lens and a specialized computer control unit. This model uses a special simulation/visualization color wheel for breathtakingly vivid colors. The Epsilon's integrated planetarium and multimedia display software is easily controlled with Digitalis' unique backlit remote control that works from anywhere in the dome.

The Digitarium(R) Epsilon projects a 1200 pixel diameter circular image over a full dome with exceptional image quality. Its 155-degree angle of projection makes the system especially suited to fixed domes, as it sits below audience sight lines. It can also be a good solution for portable domes with audiences seated in chairs rather than on the floor. The Digitarium(R) Epsilon is recommended for use in domes up to approximately 13m/43 ft in diameter.

Digitalis believes that the Digitarium(R) Epsilon is the first DLP-based, single lens digital planetarium system to project this high a resolution with complete dome coverage. Prior alternatives required using expensive non-DLP projection systems, leaving areas of the dome empty with a truncated projection, or using multiple projectors. The Epsilon avoids the limitations placed upon educators by truncated projection systems; it immerses audiences in a full, uninterrupted sky simulation so that they can experience three dimensional concepts firsthand. It also completely circumvents the effort, expense, and visual problems of image alignment, synchronization, edge blending, and color matching required with multi-projector systems.

The Digitarium(R) Epsilon model is designed for those who desire the 155 degree angle of projection, the highest resolution, and the best projection quality in a Digitarium(R) system. Its high resolution is invaluable when displaying fulldome video shows, immersive environments, or scientific visualizations. Starfields also look better, especially with the enhanced color and our high-quality proprietary lens.

Digitarium(R) systems are ideal for schools, school districts, colleges, universities, education service agencies, outreach programs, science centers, children's museums, and other portable or small to mid-sized fixed planetariums. They offer a stimulating environment to help students of all ages grasp abstract astronomy concepts and spark interest in science.

Live, scripted, and prerecorded shows are all simple to present with Digitarium(R) systems. They enable educators to cover all the standard planetarium show topics and more. For example, educators can simulate the sky from any point on Earth or from other solar system bodies; show constellations from many cultures; demonstrate phenomena such as transits, eclipses, and meteor showers; label or zoom in on any object; etc.

Educators using Digitarium(R) systems can also project images or videos on any subject or play prerecorded, immersive fulldome video shows. They can create prerecorded segments or even entire shows using the software's powerful StratoScript(TM) scripting capability. Scripting can alleviate tedious sequences or provide special effects with image manipulation, audio, video playback, and other advanced features.

Digitarium(R) systems offer the best usability and lowest training costs on the market due to their intuitive remote control interface. Educators are liberated from complex software interfaces to focus on their audiences. Free lesson plans get educators started teaching right away. The systems are designed for reliability, and Digitalis' two year limited warranty is double that of many other competitors. Technical support and software updates are free for the life of the system.

Exact pricing for the Digitarium(R) Epsilon has not yet been announced, but the purchase price is expected to be under $60,000 US, and shipments are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2008. Institutions with more limited budgets should consider other Digitarium(R) models, with prices starting under $20,000 US. Digitalis also sells inflatable planetarium domes.

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