Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. announces the introduction of several new immersive visualization products, primarily for the astronomy education market.

Bremerton, WA. May 29, 2007 -- Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. announces the introduction of several new immersive visualization products, primarily for the astronomy education market.

For educators needing a portable dome that is quick and easy to set up, Digitalis has begun shipping an enhanced inflatable dome model. Available in standard sizes from four to seven meters (13-23 feet) in diameter, a dome can seat from 20 to 80 young children or 15 to 60 adults.

Digitalis' new domes are specially optimized for digital projection with a smooth, matte gray projection surface. The custom flame retardant fabric consists of six distinct layers for opaqueness and durability. Prices vary with size from $5,540-$10,350 US.

The new domes work exceptionally well with the company's best-selling Digitarium Alpha 2 portable digital planetarium system. For fixed domes, Digitalis now offers two new affordable digital projection options: a Digitarium Alpha 2 fixed dome version and a Digitarium Alpha 2+ model.

The Digitarium Alpha 2 fixed dome version is similar to the portable version but has a rigid frame that is designed to be permanently installed in the center of a fixed dome. It can be used in domes up to approximately 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter. This system is now available for $18,650 US.

The Digitarium Alpha 2+ is also designed for fixed installation and supports domes up to approximately 17 meters (56 feet) in diameter. It is similar to the Digitarium Alpha 2, but it has two projection lamps for brighter projection. In smaller domes where the extra brightness is not needed, single lamp mode can be used for automatic lamp fail over and extended operation. This model also offers improved contrast (over 1200:1 measured). The Digitarium Alpha 2+ system is now available for $21,850 US.

Digitarium digital planetarium systems project over an entire hemispherical dome for the most immersive experience and the most effective astronomy education use. Digitarium systems are operated via an innovative, backlit remote control interface that provides the best usability in the industry. Intuitive icons label each button, and the remote can be used from anywhere under the dome.

Digitarium systems cost a fraction of other fulldome digital systems, offering an affordable yet full-featured option for small and medium sized domes. The embedded planetarium and image/video display software provides enormous flexibility, allowing educators to demonstrate far more concepts than older analog-type systems. A powerful scripting feature allows users to create their own prerecorded segments or shows, including image manipulation and soundtrack. Third party fulldome video shows are also supported.

Digitarium systems use the open source planetarium software, Stellarium, which can be downloaded from Digitalis employees are regular contributors to Stellarium and thus intimately familiar with the software. Bug fixes and new features are made available to Digitarium system users in an easy, automated manner.

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Digitalis introduced the first Digitarium model in November, 2003, the first fulldome, portable, digital planetarium system. Digitarium systems are the best-selling digital planetarium systems worldwide for small domes, with users spread across five continents.


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