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2023-07-20 / Karrie Berglund / Staff

Mark contemplating constellations.

To manage our rapid growth, Digitalis is excited to welcome Mark Robinson as our very first Chief Executive Officer! Mark impressed us right away with his passion for STEM/STEAM education and robust business experience.

Mark was born in Frimley, County Surrey, in the south of England. After emigrating from the United Kingdom to the United States, and spending his formative years on both sides of the Atlantic, Mark settled in the Seattle area where he has called home for over 30 years. He started his career at the Intel Corporation within Capital Finance after graduating Cum Laude from the University of Washington with a Bachelor Of Arts in Economics with College Honors. Here is Mark in his own words:

Why I Joined

My family has a long history of involvement with enabling STEM/STEAM-based education initiatives with our Robinson Family Foundation and deep connections to both education and engineering. My mother was a physical education teacher and an athlete invited to the Commonwealth Games. My father was the CEO of a collection of aerospace companies, has a Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering, and once was a cricket and rugby star at his college.

Being an Economics major at the University of Washington and "just" a state-ranked tennis player, I felt I had a lot to live up to in terms of accomplishments and setting an example for my own children. It was early in my career at Intel when I started thinking through how to "offset" working at a profit-seeking company with a more community contribution focus. That dream first came to pass with the creation of the Robinson Family Foundation where I served as Executive Director for 16 years.

Now, I see Digitalis as the perfect conduit to continue my trajectory and merge all of those desires into a single vector encompassing an amazing career move, a focus on education and community, as well as leading an organization with a positive influence for our next generations in science and technology. Not to mention the opportunity to work alongside cofounders Rob and Karrie, who impress me in so many ways. The key is their unwavering commitment to science, education, and the learning community worldwide. Now that I have had the opportunity to get to know all the team members here at Digitalis, I can attest that same commitment and culture is embedded company-wide.

My Goals

I intend to lead Digitalis towards being an even bigger innovator and influence in the arena of immersive learning. We want to inpsire future generations and set an example for inclusion and opportunity in STEM/STEAM career areas.

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Karrie is Director of Education and a co-founder of Digitalis. She spearheads LIPS and is often on the road at conferences. She writes the LIP Service column for the IPS Planetarian professional journal, leads the IPS Vision 2020 Professional Development team, and is an IPS Fellow.

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