Inspire your students with live immersive STEAM content.

Teaching is a rewarding yet demanding profession. It feels like there’s never enough time in the day, and meeting the educational and emotional needs of every single student sometimes feels impossible. You want to share your knowledge with your students, prepare them for assessments, and above all else, inspire your students to want to learn on their own.

School Challenges

We have dozens of planetarium systems in schools around the world, and we have designed our products to meet your challenges.


The immersive 3D environment is captivating and incrediby effective for teaching astronomy, Earth science, physics, and more.


Included Augmented Lessons cover many learning standards at all grade levels. Create your own activities to address other topics.


Digitarium portable systems only take 5-10 minutes to set up, and our unmatched ease of use reduces training time.


Adapt live to student interests and understanding. Our interfaces allow you to respond to questions on the fly.


Our portable systems can store in a closet and set up in just minutes.


Great use of COVID-19 funds. Designed to be shared across an entire school district: very low cost per student.

School Solutions

School Questions

How do we learn to use it?

Our systems are expressly designed to be easy to use, and our Augmented Lessons functionality will get you teaching right away. Online training is included, as well as detailed user manuals and free tech support via our Community site. There are options for in-person training, online “mentorships.”

What topics can be taught with a Digitarium?

The sky is not the limit! In addition to astronomy, you can easily teach Earth science, physics, social science, history, and much more.

Do your lessons meet NGSS/state and local standards?

Our lessons are aligned with NGSS at multiple grade levels for astronomy, Earth science, physics, and more.

How can we afford a planetarium system?

In addition to a lease to own program Digitalis can provide resources to help you find grants and other funding sources, take a look at our funding guide

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