Deliver awesome planetarium content to virtual learners.

Virtual classrooms are a challenge for students and teachers alike. It's hard for teachers to tell if their students are fully engaged in the lesson, and it's hard for students to communicate with their classmates or teacher. Interaction is often limited to holding up cards or typing in the chat, so conversations are often quite superficial.

Remote Education Challenges

We have the tools to make your virtual classroom almost as exciting as a planetarium field trip


The flexibility of Digitarium systems allows you to easily adjust to the needs and interests of any audience. Show the same content simultaneously to in-person and remote learners.


Our unmatched ease of use reduces training and practice time. The computer boots up in less than three minutes.


We will walk you through the initial set up, and we can even help you learn to use Open Broadcaster Software during your programs.


Adapt to user requests on the fly, and make every program a unique experience.


Included Augmented Lessons cover many learning standards, and a Digitarium is a tool to address whatever others you need.


Teach from home or school with this amazingly compact equipment. Share one set across an entire school district.

Remote Instruction Solutions

Remote Instruction Questions

Do your products come ready to use for streaming lessons?

Yes! The Digitarium SkyBox purchase includes a video capture device precisely for this purpose. Using the SkyBox you can use video conferencing software like, Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. You can also stream content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming services.

What types of programs can I present virtually?

Lessons are included on astronomy and Earth science, and our systems make it easy to also cover physics, geography, environmental sciences/ecology, and more. Other topics are limited only by your imagination.

I teach hybrid classes. How will your products help me with my lessons?

You can show the same content on a flat screen/monitor for your in person audience and stream it online for your virtual students.

Do your lessons meet NGSS?

Our lessons are aligned with NGSS at multiple grade levels for astronomy, Earth science, physics, and more.

How easy is it to learn to use the software?

Our Augmented Lessons functionality makes it a snap, since each lesson has suggested narration as well as command buttons to run software scripts or display/hide media. We include online training with each purchase, and on site training and online mentorship are available.

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