Teach live and enthrall audiences of all ages.

It is challenging to run a planetarium within a larger institution like a museum. You have a demanding daily show schedule, paid ticket holders expecting value, and never enough time or resources to train your staff or take care of your equipment. Through all of this you still want to educate, entertain and wow your audiences so they come back for more.

Challenges for Museums and Science Centers

We have dozens of planetarium systems in museums around the world, and we have designed our products to meet your challenges.


Teach astronomy, physics, Earth science, biology, climate science, ecology, and more. Align planetarium programs with many traveling exhibits.


Adapt to user requests on the fly, and make every program a unique experience.


Not only can you adapt to user requests, but the wow factor will make this an audience favorite.


The immersive 3D environment is captivating and incredibly effective for teaching astronomy, Earth science, physics, and more. Meet learning standards in multiple areas at each grade level.


Our unmatched ease of use reduces training time, and our Augmented Lessons make it a snap to start presenting interactive programs right away.


Our elegantly simple Unified Architecture reduces maintenance and system overhead.

Museum Solutions

Museum Questions

Can I play movies?

Yes! Our systems come licensed with over two dozen fulldome movies, and it's easy for you to add other movies.

Can I do live star shows and audience driven interactive programs?

We know from experience the power of interaction, and we have unmatched capabilities for live, interactive programming.
You can adapt seamlessly to your audience's questions and requests, making each show a unique experience.

What are the maintenance costs? Is a yearly service contract required?

No annual maintenance contract is needed. We include free software updates for all system software for the life of the system. Standard support is also included free for the life of the system, and paid support plans are available with expanded hours and services. The cost of consumable items (batteries, lens cleaning supplies, etc.) is minimal.

How easy is it to add new scientific findings?

Extremely easy. You can customize the system with datalayers, point clouds, 3D models, videos, and images. Our systems also include Data2Dome feeds.

We have a fixed dome as well as a portable dome. Can I use your equipment in both domes?

Yes, we offer systems for both dome types. You can cross train your staff for maximum flexibility/program coverage.

Can I create programming to complement traveling exhibits?

Yes. While it will depend largely on the traveling exhibit, our systems make it easy to cover subjects including astronomy, physics, geology, geography, environmental sciences/ecology, theatre, visual art, cultural studies/anthropology, and computer science.

Can your equipment be set to run without specialised staff?

Yes. Videos and pre-scripted shows can be run by ushers and customer service staff with the touch of a button.

How can we afford a planetarium system?

In addition to a lease to own program, Digitalis can help you find grant opportunities and other funding sources. We also have some general ideas for funding.

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