Product Overview

The Digitarium® Lambda model is a digital planetarium system designed for use in permanent domes. The Lambda is our highest resolution single lens system. The Lambda's Barco F70 projector combines Single Step Processing™ image processing (at 5120x3200 pixels) with Texas Instruments' pixel shift technology to project a 3840x2400 source while using a native 2560x1600 DLP chip. This technology brings higher resolution at a more affordable price point to Digitarium systems.

The Digitarium® Lambda Plus model uses the Barco F90 projector with two laser units for increased brightness and larger domes. The Barco F90 projector has increased brightness of the F70, and can be used in larger domes.

The laser-phosphor illumination in this system provides bright, rich colors with an amazing 20,000+ hours of use without any lamps to replace. Laser life, like lamp life, is defined as when the projector output reaches half its original brightness. Laser module life is related to brightness, so running at 75% brightness can extend the expected life to an incredible 60,000 hours. That is 8 hours a day, every day, for more than 20 years! With the built in Constant Light Output feature you can define a less than maximum brightness and automatically hold this at the same constant brightness for as long as physically possible for reliable performance.

Full dome/full sky projection is available at a projection angle of 167 degrees. This is ideal for fixed domes, as the projection system is placed below the springline of the dome out of audience sight lines. Our elegant enclosure is adjustable in height at installation and keeps your system secure.

The Digitarium® Lambda model is designed for those who want the highest resolution and the best projection quality in a single-projector fixed Digitarium system. The Lambda's high resolution is invaluable for fulldome video shows, immersive environments, or scientific visualizations. Starfields will also look better, especially with the high contrast and our high quality proprietary lens.

The Lambda includes our high-resolution data sets of the Earth and solar system for spectacular planetary exploration with incredible detail.


See also Digitarium general specifications.

LambdaLambda Plus
Maximum Dome Diameter
Around 36 feet/11m with a 50% reflectivity dome.
Around 47 feet/14m with a 50% reflectivity dome.
Pixel Diameter
2400 (source)
Projected Resolution
4.5 megapixels (source)
4.02 megapixels (two partially overlapped physical positions for each native pixel)
Field of view
180 degrees, full sky.
Pixels per degree of sky
13.3 average (source)
Angle of Projection
167 degrees
Base Projector Brightness
5,000 lumens with non-fisheye lens. 11,800 lumens with non-fisheye lens.
Contrast Ratio
Up to 1,800:1 (projector also supports up to 50,000:1 dynamic contrast)
Laser life
Up to 20,000 hours on high. Up to 60,000 hours or longer on lower settings.
The projector uses laser phospor technology rather than lamps.
Image Quality
Digitarium Lambda systems use our advanced proprietary lens design for superb projection quality.
Control Unit
Digitarium CU-1
User Interfaces Included
Internal Storage
2000 GB expandable up to 8 TB or more.
100-240 VAC, 1900W, 50-60Hz
FCC Class A, CE class A (RoHS compliant), UL or CSA listed components
System enclosure: 31 inch (79 cm) diameter.
Installation height 41-72 inches (104-183 cm)
System: 240 lbs. (109.1 kg) System: 257 lbs. (116.8 kg)
US Price
$96,180 $106,930

Outside the US contact a local dealer for pricing.

Purchasing Information

Purchase price includes:
  • One Digitarium Lambda planetarium system with set of two Digitarium remote controls (one spare)
  • Solar System and Whole Earth high-resolution data sets.
  • Universal Console software license.
  • DLP projector remote control.
  • Wireless gamepad control.
  • Comprehensive and easy to use set of user manuals.
  • Set of lesson plans for use with elementary through high school students.
  • Complete set of PASS Curricula for Digitarium Systems. Includes Augmented Lessons ideal for use with our Universal Console interface.
  • 1000 GB portable hard drive with companion media for lesson plans, over 3 GB of royalty-free music, and a number of fulldome video shows:
    • Citizen Sky - Epsilon Aurigae - binary systems
    • Cosmic Castaways - explore galaxies and their stars
    • Back to the Moon for Good - Google Lunar XPRIZE competitors try to land a spacecraft on the Moon
    • Dark - dark matter and cosmology
    • Flight Adventures - the science of flight (free for US customers only)
    • FLIGHT TO THE MOON: LRO and LCROSS Revisited
    • IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System
    • Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way
    • Losing the Dark - light pollution
    • New Horizons for a Little Planet - Pluto and the New Horizons mission
    • Solar Quest - how the Sun and the Earth are interconnected
    • Sunstruck - the Sun's influence on the Earth
    • Two Small Pieces of Glass - history of the telescope
    • Various short fulldome animations

    (Show licensing agreements must be signed and returned before system ships to receive hard drive.)

  • Three year limited warranty (Three year limited warranty on the projection component from Barco.)
  • Free technical support and automated software updates for the life of your system.
  • Lens cleaning kit.
  • Free membership in our Digitarium users community website.
  • Prepaid calendar-year individual membership in the International Planetarium Society.

Please note: System installation is simple enough that you can perform this yourself. Alternately, system installation services can be purchased through Digitalis. Please use our purchase page for information on how to order.

Updated Jun 29 2017

backlit remote control

Universal Console


  • System installation
  • Dome repainting for digital projection
  • Fixed dome construction
  • LED cove lighting controllable through the Universal Console interface
  • Professional audio systems
  • Theater control systems
  • On-site training
  • Priority Support extended support options.

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