This model has been discontinued.
Please see our current portable or fixed models.

Product Overview

The Digitarium® Delta 2 is an extremely affordable, high resolution digital planetarium system ideal for portable or small fixed domes. It projects a 1080 pixel diameter circle over a full dome with no blind spots or cutouts. It is the culmination of years of development effort, with an innovative proprietary lens design.

The Digitarium Delta 2 offers a compact size, quick set up, intuitive interface, high resolution, and wealth of features at a surprisingly affordable price. Digitalis also sells inflatable domes in several diameters for a complete portable solution.

The Digitarium Delta 2 outperforms other low cost digital systems on the market, avoiding common drawbacks such as incomplete sky coverage, terrible focus, obvious distortions, difficult user interfaces, easily damaged components, unreliable software and/or hardware, and poor support.

Although more expensive than most portable analog ("pin-hole") projectors, we believe the Digitarium Delta 2 to be a huge value proposition: you receive the features of a modern digital planetarium at a fraction of the typical cost. Think of the power of a computer versus a slide projector.

Affordable and flexible, the Digitarium Delta 2 will revolutionize your astronomy teaching.


See also Digitarium general specifications.

Maximum Dome Diameter
Approximately 26 feet/8 meters. Brightness is the main issue, since the larger the dome, the larger the surface area the light from the projector must cover.
1080 pixels across a diameter
Field of view
180 degrees, full sky.
Pixels per degree of sky
6 average
Angle of Projection
~175 degrees
Base Projector Brightness
4000 Lumens with non-fisheye lens (Provided for comparison purposes with other systems. Actual brightness with a fisheye lens is significantly less due to not projecting the whole video rectangle and differing lens properties. Please see any of our other models if you need a brighter system.)
Nominal Contrast Ratio
50,000:1 (per projector specifications, without fisheye lens)
Lamp life
Up to 3000 hours
Image Quality
Excellent. The Delta 2 is a marked improvement over the original Delta 1 model.

Internal Storage
1 TB expandable up to 8 TB or more.
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 7A
FCC Class A, CE class A (RoHS compliant)
System: 17.5 x 20 x 16.1 inches (44.5 x 51 x 40 cm)
Transit case: 26 x 26 x 22.5 inches (66 x 66 x 57 cm)
System: 58 pounds (26.4 kg)
Transit case: 37.4 pounds (17.0 kg)
Total: 95.4 pounds (43.4 kg)

The rugged transit case has built in wheels and extendable handle for easy transport on flat surfaces.

Purchasing Information

Purchase price includes:
  • One Digitarium Delta 2 planetarium system with set of two Digitarium remote controls (one spare)
  • Wheeled transit case
  • Heavy duty surge suppressor with 25-foot cord (120 VAC countries only)
  • DLP projector remote control
  • Comprehensive and easy to use set of user manuals.
  • Set of lesson plans for use with elementary through high school students
  • Complete set of PASS Curricula for Digitarium Systems. Will ship mid-2015. Includes Augmented Lessons ideal for use with our Universal Console.
  • 1000 GB portable hard drive with companion media for lesson plans, over 3 GB of royalty-free music, and a number of fulldome video shows:
    • Citizen Sky - Epsilon Aurigae - binary systems
    • Cosmic Castaways - explore galaxies and their stars
    • Back to the Moon for Good - Google Lunar XPRIZE competitors try to land a spacecraft on the Moon
    • Dark - dark matter and cosmology
    • Flight Adventures - the science of flight (free for US customers only)
    • FLIGHT TO THE MOON: LRO and LCROSS Revisited
    • IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System
    • Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way
    • Losing the Dark - light pollution
    • New Horizons for a Little Planet - Pluto and the New Horizons mission
    • Solar Quest - how the Sun and the Earth are interconnected
    • Sunstruck - the Sun's influence on the Earth
    • Two Small Pieces of Glass - history of the telescope
    • Various short fulldome animations

    (Show licensing agreements must be signed and returned before system ships to receive hard drive.)

  • Three year limited warranty (Three year limited warranty on the projection component from BenQ.)
  • Free technical support and automated software updates for the life of your system.
  • Lens cleaning kit
  • Free membership in our Digitarium users community website.
  • Prepaid one-year individual membership in the International Planetarium Society.

Please note: you supply your own dome or purchase one. Please use our purchase page for ordering instructions.

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