Digitarium systems offer an enormous range of features at a fraction of the cost of other fixed dome systems. Our proprietary and exclusive lenses are designed and built in the USA to our high standards using the finest imported optical glasses. Our three year warranty is longer than most competitors' warranties, and our software support is unparalleled.

No other digital planetarium systems come close to matching our unique combination of usability, features, projection quality, product support, and affordable pricing. Because of the outstanding value of a Digitarium system, Digitalis is the largest producer by volume in the industry. This volume gives us greater economies of scale than any of our competitors.

If you wish to keep your starball but add digital capabilities, we have an elevator mount designed with you in mind. Raise the Digitarium system up when desired, and lower it to use your starball without any blockages. The off-center distortion correction features in our Digitarium systems will adjust starfields and media for an offset of up to approximately 30 percent of the dome radius. The elevator mount is only available for our Gamma, Epsilon, and Kappa models.

Fixed dome system purchases include our Universal Console™ web-based interface software. With the Universal Console, you can teach from a desktop computer in a control booth. For a more portable device, you can run the Universal Console on an Apple iPad® so that you can interact with all audience members, not just with those seated near your control console.

For an overview of Digitarium capabilities, see the general Digitarium page.

For new installations or for customers in need of more than just a new projection system, we proudly work with two industry leaders:

We offer a wide range of sizes for new domes as well as dome repainting through the dome specialists, Astro-Tec.

We offer professional grade solutions for cove lighting, audio, inset video, theater control, and content production through Bowen Technovation.

The Valdosta, GA installation photos above are from a Digitalis headed project at Valdosta State University with Bowen Technovation and Astro-Tec. It included the very first installation of a Digitarium Kappa system, dome repainting, new LED cove lights, new 5.1 channel surround sound system, and a full theater control system.

Models at a Glance

Click on a model name for complete specifications.

Base model: Digitarium Zeta Fixed Digitarium Gamma Fixed Digitarium Epsilon Fixed Digitarium Kappa Fixed Digitarium Æthos
Maximum dome diameter (approximate): 40 feet/12m 60 feet/18m 52 feet/16m 52 feet/16m 60 feet/18m
Projection Mode(s): Full Dome Full Dome Full DomeTruncated Full Dome Full Dome
Resolution (pixel diameter): 1200 1050 12001344x1200 1600 2.5k
Field of View (degrees): 180 (full sky) 180 180 180x~155 180 180
Angle of Projection (degrees): 175 175 155180x155 167 160
Price (US):

(Includes Universal Console license.)
Digitarium Zeta Fixed
Digitarium Gamma Fixed
Digitarium Epsilon Fixed
Digitarium Kappa Fixed
Digitarium Æthos
$190,000 Installed
Price (US) with Elevator Mount System: N/A $43,750 $51,950 $73,450 N/A

(Outside the US contact a local dealer for pricing.)

For information on older models, please see our discontinued products.